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Studying Buddhist Psychology via the ITZI Distance Learning Programme

This is a two year course of study incorporating David Braziers ideas and theories derived from Zen Therapy (1995) and other texts, providing a stand alone theoretical training in Buddhist Psychology. The course is presented by Instituto Terapia Zen Internacional in both Spanish and English. People wishing to follow the Distance Learning programme will be able to enrol from November each year. The course of study commences in January.

If you plan to join the programme, you should contact us during the autumn, and certainly before the end of November. 

The course consists of two years training, each made up of nine units grouped in three modules. (click here to view course outline) The units are organised into three blocks, January - March, May - July and September - November.

Each unit includes theoretical material and experiential exercises. Year One covers basic theory. Year two covers the theoretical applications. Comparative material with Western psychology is also included. Learning support and contact with other students is encouraged. Students submit work and take part in discussions by e-mail so should have regular access to the internet. This programme will suit those interested in Buddhist psychology and its therapeutic applications, whether in one to one psychotherapy, or in other settings. It is not itself a full psychotherapy training, but will compliment practical training with ITZI (international) and IZT (UK) 

The course will be of interest to practising psychotherapists and counsellors wishing to integrate a Buddhist approach into their work and others with a general interest in the subject. There are opportunities to reflect on case material and to get feedback on client work. The course offers both theoretical grounding in Buddhist psychology and a wide range of supporting practical exercises. Each unit consists of a pack of about 30 pages. Students are expected to complete a series of journal exercises and to discuss the learning from these on the student e-group. Each module culminates in a written assignment. 


To apply to join the distance learning programme follow the link and complete and return the form:

DL Registration Form (English)

Student Handbook (English)

Reading List (English)

Attendance courses and programmes of study in Zen Therapy are available at various locations both in the UK, in Spain, Belgium and Korea. Please do look at the Course Handbook for details about Zen Therapy training requirements including hours of study and placement practice commitment. These general guidelines apply to all locations. Scheduled courses, talks and seminars can be found by following the link to Talks & Short Courses