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Thoughts about the new site.

Submitted by Dharmavidya on Thu, 03/04/2014 - 09:59

I am at my house, Eleusis, in central France, thinking about the development of ITZI. The new web site marks a step forward. I am hoping that we can gradually develop the site to reflect the life of the ITZI community. No doubt this will be a matter of trial and error to some extent. We do not yet know exactly what facilities it will be best to have on the site. I am pleased that we shall have a library section where we can store resources and make them available to students and members. Such resources can also, sometimes, pave the way to new courses. On the previous ning site we had a facility to make "groups" but we did not use it the way that the ning site was designed for so on this new site i think we will develop particular forums as and when we have a need. Our main aims must be to foster co-operation, support existing courses and generate new ones, and help all our members to flourish in various ways.