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Welcome!Welcome to the Zen Therapy International (ITZI)* website. This site has been developed as the main window through which to view the various functions, ideas and organisations that are associated with the Zen Therapy approach. However the site is not just about the presentation of ideas; it is also a host site providing information about a range of activities involving different organisations and individuals inspired by the teachings of Buddhism, and their application in the field of cultural and social engagement.
ITZI is an umbrella set up, supporting co-operative working between an international team of trainers and training organisations. Members are from Belgium, Netherlands, France, UK, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Israel, Korea, Hawaii, California and Canada
ITZI takes its inspiration from Dharmavidya David Brazier's seminal book Zen Therapy (Constable Robinson 1995) and the further development of his ideas in the last decade or so which has evolved into an integrated theory of Buddhist psychology, psychotherapy, counselling and education. ITZI is not, however, devoted to a single or narrow modus operandi, but encourages and stimulates new thinking, practice and development in the exciting and growing field of applied Buddhism. Since the book was first published the field of therapy has evolved significantly yet the principles and ideas presented here reflect the relevance of the ancient wisdom and the challenge they bring to the dominant Western therapeutic paradigms that tend towards an emphasis on individualism and ego-centeredness.
On this site you will find information about training courses, workshops and events offered by the membership of ITZI, as well as details about the range of ways in which people can benefit from the work we do, as well as, the opportunities available to get involved.
If you are interested in co-operating do contact us or apply to join this site and we will write to you and discuss what is possible. There is a members section, for those involved in hosting courses, for affiliated organisations, teachers and students.
If you do not want to be an organiser, but are supportive of what we are doing, please read our information here, and enter your e-mail address in the "Subscribe" box on the right and we will keep you informed of developments. You can also support us on Facebook.
If you are interested in becoming a student you can access the Amida Academy through this site. The Amida Academy is the host site for online courses, including distance learning programmes in Buddhist psychology and Pureland Buddhist ministry.
If you require further information or are interested in becoming a member you can always contact us. Alternatively you can send an email.
*ITZI or Instituto Terapia Zen Internacional is an educational organization registered in Spain.