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Welcome!Welcome to the Zen Therapy International (ITZI)* website. This site has been developed as the main window through which to view the various functions, ideas and organisations that are associated with the Zen Therapy approach. However the site is not just about the presentation of ideas; it is also a host site providing information about a range of activities involving different organisations and individuals inspired by the teachings of Buddhism, and their application in the field of cultural and social engagement.

Buddha as Therapist Meditations by G.T. Maurits Kwee, in collaboration with Daniel M. Kwee & Marvin H. Shaub

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This book is the final of a series of four written over a period of 10 years and the result of an East-West collaborative effort by scholars who study the psychology contained in Buddhism. These volumes draw on what Maurits has coined Buddhism 4.0, a secular and psychological approach to Buddhism which respects and honors the vast groundwork of the Dharma and its complex development. Read more about the book and download a free PDF copy: Buddha as Therapist

David Brazier gives a short talk on mindfulness

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Delivered at the plenary session at the beginning of day two of the ITZI conference David Brazier, ITZI President,about the richer meaning of mindfulness - the English rendering of smrti (Skt.) or sati (Pali). This includes the idea of anusmrti or "recollecting the Buddha's" and challenges the narrow technique based use of this teaching as is now being applied in a number of fields.

Encuentro abierto de meditación SER LIBRE

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Saturday, October 31, 2015 - 12:00 to 14:00

La práctica del zen, y la práctica espiritual en un sentido amplio, cuando es genuina, nos lleva irremediablemente a la libertad. El camino espiritual es un camino de despojamiento, en el que "dejamos ir" nuestros condicionamientos, nuestras ataduras, y nos liberamos de las cadenas de nuestro pequeño yo.
Esa libertad es algo que nos ha sido dado desde nuestro nacimiento. Es esa "naturaleza de buda" que todos tenemos, tal como atestigua  la tradicion zen. Pero a pesar de que se nos ha regalado, para vivirla hemos de ponernos en acción. Y esta acción nos lleva a elegir. 
La libertad espiritual implica colocarse en una posición de "buscador", más cercana a la del "creador", frente a la posición de "consumidor". El  camino espiritual implica a partes iguales un "dar" y  "recibir". El autentico practicante "recibe", pero también "crea" su propio camino, siendo este camino el fruto de su entrega, en una alternancia armoniosa entre ese dar y recibir.

Registration list for Certificate in Buddhist Psychology 2016/2017 opens

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From the 1st of October we will open the list for registering people interested in following the programme "Buddhist Psychology", a two year diploma in the theory of applied psychology based on Dharmavidya David Braziers interpretation and understanding of Buddhism and the teachings found in the Abhidhamma. This is a complete programme organised over two years, studied via distnace learning through the ITZI web platform, Amida Academy. For more information follow the link or contact us via the email below.

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